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Gretchen Burns Bergman, executive director and co-founder
of A New PATH and Moms United To End The War on Drugs,
talks to KPBS.

Why Moms And Cops Are Uniting To End The Drug War-KPBS RADIO VERSION

November 13, 2012
Moms United launches the “Empty Chair at the Holiday Table” Photo Campaign, and a week of action prior to Thanksgiving and prior to Christmas.

Mothers from the Moms United to End the War on Drugs National Campaign
Decry the Family Devastation and Loss Caused by the War on Drugs.

Moms Are Available to Discuss Personal Experience with Drug War.

A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing) and moms from around the country are sharing their stories of loss during the holidays to speak out for an end to the war on drugs, which has been so disastrous to our families. Many of the moms leading this campaign have been personally impacted by the war on drugs, including having a child who suffers from addictive illness and has been repeatedly incarcerated, a child who has died from preventable drug overdoses, a child who has died due to drug war violence.

Moms United is requesting photos containing 3 elements: a chair with a picture of a lost or missing loved one and a sign with one of these statements: incarceration, accidental overdose, drug war violence, stigma. These photos will be collected on the Moms United to End the War on Drugs group facebook page in the Empty Chair album prior to Thanksgiving, and will become a part of a growing collage of personal stories of loss.

On Thanksgiving, we are requesting that people set an empty chair and place setting at their family gathering to bring focus to drug war damage. We ask them to take a picture of that table and gathering, and post it to the Moms United group facebook page.

“I weep for the countless families who have been torn apart by discriminatory and destructive drug policies that lock up fathers and remove children from their mothers in the name of the war on drugs, which is really a war waged against families and communities.”
Gretchen Burns Bergman

“I wait for those with substance use disorders to be served by our health care system rather than languishing in prison. Until that wait is over, there will always be an extra place setting at my holiday table for those who are locked up, thrown away or left out.”
Kathie Kane-Willis

“The empty chair at the table is a powerful metaphor for the incredible void that permeates my life during the holidays and all year long because my son lost his life to drug prohibition violence.” Joy Strickland









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