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Moms United to End the War on Drugs


Mission Statement:

Mothers, parents and families are taking a leading position to end the violence, mass incarceration and overdose deaths that are a result of current punitive and discriminatory drug policies. We are building a movement to stop the stigmatization and criminalization of people who use drugs or who are addicted to drugs. We are urgently calling for health-oriented strategies and widespread drug policy reform in order to stop the irresponsible waste of dollars and resources, and the devastating loss of lives and liberty.


How do we end the war on drugs?

Mothers were instrumental in ending alcohol prohibition in the United States in the 30’s, not because they were in favor of alcohol, but because they wanted to end the gangland violence and loss of lives caused by organized crime, fueled by prohibition. Moms and concerned citizens can once again be instrumental in ending the 40 year failed war on drugs and the devastation that has been caused by it, because we are the major stakeholders in this war and because we voice concerns for the futures of our children.

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