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Charmie Gholson, Julia Negron, Gretchen Burns Bergman, Denise Cullen, Joyce Rivera, Joy Strickland

Gretchen Burns Bergman–Co-Founder & Executive Director, A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing) San Diego, California / Mission: To reduce the stigma associated with addictive illness through education and  compassionate support and to advocate for therapeutic rather than punitive drug policies.

Julia Negron–Regional Director Los Angeles Chapter of A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing) & Certified Addiction Specialist, Los Angeles, California /
Mission: To reduce the stigma associated with addictive illness through education and  compassionate support and to advocate for therapeutic rather than punitive drug policies

Yolande Cadore–Director, Strategic Partnerships, Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY  / The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization promoting alternatives to the drug war that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.


Karen Garrison - Washington DC

Charmie Gholson–Michigan Moms United, The Midwest Cultivator, Michigan / Bringing People & Business together in a growing industry.

Diane Goldstein– 21-year veteran of law enforcement who retired as the first femaile lieutenant for the Redondo Beach Police Department (CA). She is an Executive Board Member for Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) and a speaker and columnist. Orange County,CA

Mom's United Partners


Maria (Alex) Alexander– PATH LA
Sara Arnold (Kant)– – Massachusetts
Beth Baker– Healthy Communities Initiative -, South Bend Indianna
Ben Bass–
Christine Gregory Campos– – Tampa, FL. J201-819-3339
Carol Beyer– The Addict’s Mom - – 202-602-2451 – New Jersey – United
Caron Block– 310-393-9650 - – Los Angeles, CA
Linda Boyer– – Pittsburgh
E. Onja Brown Lawson– 805-259-5782 - - Santa Barbara, CA
Sandee Burbank– Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse –, Oregon
Danna Bushell (Ellen Soures)– Colorado Moms United – 925-771-0815
Pamela Clark– Transforming Youth Recovery – San Diego, CA –
Jane Colford– – Minnesota
Christina Courtenay– – Charlottesville, Virginia
Dianne Carden Glenn– 252-259-6161 - – Greenville, NC
Theresa Daniello– Ohio Medical Cannibis – 440-591-8060 –, Ohio
Hanna Dershowitz– # 310-400-0453, PATH New York
Patty DiRenzo– – 856-577-5070 – Blackwood, NJ
Lorretta Dilustro– – 818-224-8652 – Los Angeles, CA
Margaret Dooley-Sammuli– 213-291-4190 – - ACLU, San Diego, CA
Karen Estes Dudley– 214-928-0595 - Dallas, Texas
Gwendolyn Fields– The Advocacy Council – Oklahoma
Bill Ford– 520-623-0364 - - Tuscon, Ariz.
Jessica Gelay–213-382-6400 - DPA Santa Fe, NM
Barbara Goodman– – New York, NY
Stephen Gutwillig– - 213-382-6400 x5, DPA, L.A., CA
Alison Holcomb– ACLU , Seattle, Washington
Andrea James– Families for Justice as Healing - 617-905-2026 -, Boston, MA

Kathie Kane-Willis–Director, Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy, Roosevelt University, Chicago, /  
Jennifer Kim–
Nsombi Lambright– ACLU - 601-354-3408 x 223 – -Mississippi
Barbara Legere– 949-4222-8839 - - Orange County, CA
Mary Ann Lemonds– GRASP – 314-330-7686 – – St. Louis, MO
Claudia Little,RNP,MPH– 541-552-0147 - - Ashland, Oregon
Rita Lowenthal– 310-396-8660 - - Los Angeles, CA
Margarita McAuliffe– Texas Moms United – 210-495-5669 -
Jessica McElfresh– NORML San Diego, CA
Sylvia Mitchell– 248-414-6976 – Detroit, Michigan
Marilee Oldendahl– GRASP,, Freeport, Illinois
Lynn Paltrow– Nat’l Advocates Pregnant Women - New York, NY
Elizabeth Perkins– GRASP - 302-738-7476 , - Newark, Delaware
Karen Plavan– CLEAR - - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Abigail Poklus– – Reno, Nev.
Sandra Quatsoe– – Goodyear AZ
Meghan Ralston– 213-382-6400x2 –DPA - - Los Angeles, CA
Tina Reynolds– WORTH - 917-626-8168 - -New York, NY
Rev. Mary Moreno Richardson– Moms & Clergy, San Francisco, CA
Suzannne Riordan– Families Act! - 805-637-1339 - Santa Barbara, CA

Joyce Rivera–Founder & Executive Dir., St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction,  - Bronx, NY
Stephanie Schmitz-Bechteler– – Chicago, Ill.
Karen Shain– 415-255-7036 – San Francisco, CA
Anne Shihadeh– 971-244-1111 - – Portland, Oregon
Cheryl Shuman– – Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, Nev.
Jan Phillips Simon– - New Jersey
Carol Snyder– – Pittsburgh
Caroline Stewart– A New PATH Board Pres.- San Diego, CA
Joy Strickland– Founder MATV – 214-565-0422 - - Dallas, TX
Denise Sumrall– 916-271-4548, Sacramento, CA
Tanya Taylor– – Pittsburgh, PA
Trish Taylor– - Texas
Brenda Thacker– – N.C.
Laura Thomas– DPA - 415-241-9800 - - San Francisco, CA
Shaleen Title–
Mary Torsch– GRASP – 443-554-6150 – - Maryland
Sumayyah Waheed– Books Not Bars, San Francisco, CA
Arlene Williams– - New York, NY
Suzanne Wills– Drug Policy Reform of Texas -, Texas

Jane Slater– Transform UK - – United Kingdom
Donna May– Jac’s voice – - Canada

Suzanne Riordan, Joy Strickland, Gretchen Burns Bergman, Kathie Kane-Willis

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